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Thank you for stopping at JW Flyrods.

I specialize in the art of building fine hand made custom

bamboo fly rods and the restoration of older rods. Given the

fact that I build the only power fluting machine on the market

I have developed some very exciting tapers for both hollow

and solid rod construction. When evaluated by experts in the

fly rod industry, my rods are said to be second to none in

casting ability and quality of workmanship. We are a full

service bamboo rod building shop. If you are building, or

restoring a bamboo rod and have a question, JW Bamboo

Flyrods can help. We want you fly fishing bamboo, if you

are ordering a rod from us or building one yourself, we want your experience with bamboo a pleasant one. Contact us                through e-mail or phone we will get back to you with the help that you need.    

                                                                                                                      (559) 587-9655




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