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Furled Leader Kit

As more fly fishermen find out about the qualities that Furled

Leaders bring to fly fishing, the more popular the furled leaders

are becoming. Things like perfect turnovers lead to gentler,

more accurate presentations, tippet saving elasticity, no casting

flash, less prone to wind knots. Once you have this kit you will

be able to make tapered furled leaders of nylon, silk, or Kevlar.

The nylon leaders will cost you about 25 cents each. So here at the shop of JW Bamboo fly rods, after Jerry Fosters pushing, it was decided it might be a good time to market a complete package or kit with all necessary tools.


So, with the help from friends like Jerry Foster and Robert Stewart, I have put together a complete kit for building tapered furled leaders. Jerry, a well-known Bamboo rod maker, has worked for years contributing and helping others improve Bamboo rod taper designs. Robert Stewart, a noted author, bamboo rod maker and bamboo rod historian wrote the instructions for this kit. The instructions are spot on, short and easy to follow and understand.

The kit contains a gear head assembly machined from high impact material. All shafts are mounted on high speed ball bearings to last a life time. It can be hand cranked or powered with a drill. The main board comes in three 36 inch sections that bolt together for easy storage or travel. The boards, when bolted together, are 9 feet long and all ready drilled and color-coded for three patterns. The three patterns are for a 6 foot, 7 foot and 8 ½ foot tapered furled leader. The kit comes with Five 1 inch pegs, Allen wrenches a 4 ounce weight, small crocheting needle. A nitpicker for making a shorbloop. 1 five      hundred yard spool of .004 nylon thread is included.


                                                                         Price for kit  195.00  Plus $25.00 Shipping


Gear head only  95.00  Plus  $10.00 Shipping


                Extra three foot extension to make a twelve foot board.


                                                40.00  Plus  $10.00 Shipping


                                                 Gear Head with three hooks

                                                 130.00 Plus 10.00 Shipping 


                                Gear Head with Four  hooks

                                  150.00 Plus 10.00 Shipping

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