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Rod Wrapper


This rod wrapper is the easiest, most user-friendly rod

wrapper I’ve ever used. This machine is fast and more

fun than you can imagine. It’s wide open design gives

lots of hand room when you’re starting or finishing

Wraps. With your rod resting in the cradles, the wheel rotates around your rod at the rate of two

wraps per second. The wraps are strait, clean and tight. After starting your wrap, crank the wheel and that’s all there is to it. If you’re a serious hobbyist or a professional rod builder, and would like to spend less, (a lot less) time wrapping rods your going to want this tool. If you bolt the crank wheel

              On the opposite side the machine it will then be set up for those that are left handed.


                                                                     Price  $395.00  Plus $ 35.00 Shipping 


                               For more information call  (559) 587-9655  or email


                                                 Shop address 1548 Mary St. Hanford Ca, 93230


                                                   A demonstration video of this rod wrapper is available on



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