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Ruff Beveller

For those of you that have considered taking

advantage of a power beveller, here are a few

reasons you might consider the JW Beveller. All

steel construction, built-in vacuum hookup,

Plexiglas dust collector, tension arms have roller

bearings to hold strips in place providing less friction

and smoother one man operation. Cutting time one

butt, two tips about 20 to 25 minutes. One bit will

cut 20 plus rods. Cost of bits $18 dollars. Bits

can be purchased at most hardware or lumberyard

stores. The 60-degree block can easily be removed

and replaced with an optional fluting table, now you

have a machine that can make the precision cuts for fluting a rod. This machine is built for roughing in 60-                            degree triangles. All bevellers come setup to both, square and bevel strips


                                                         Price $850.00 Plus $35.00 Shipping


                                             Optional fluting table $125.00 Plus $15.00 Shipping


                      For more information call (559) 587-9655 or email


                                              Shop address 1548 Mary St, Hanford Ca, 93230


                                            Kits for cutting four and five sided Rods $40.00



                                                            Comments from customers


Bamboo Beveller: I took it out of the shipping box, threw away the foam peanuts and read over the instructions. The next thing I knew I was looking at a perfect pre-beveled bamboo strip. All this in about 10 minutes! The strip began as a scrap piece I had laying in the corner of the shop and admittedly I only hand filed the nodes, but from scrap to a ready to final plane strip in just a few minutes impressed me. And that about sums up the JW Bamboo Beveller. Impressive!

This power beveller is easy to use, clean, safe, accurate and efficient. I think I could run strips in the dining room while Carole was out shopping and she would be none the wiser! No fooling this machine is a gem! Jerry Wall has taken a top of line router and mated it with his own ingeniously designed bed and frame and the results are what every rod maker has been looking for. In short I like this machine a lot and it is now a permanent fixture in my shop. I took Jerry’s machine to The Midwest Fly-Fishing Show in Detroit in March and sold the demo along with an order for another. Seeing is believing and local rodmakers knew a good thing when they saw it Like so many other products on the bamboo market the cost is pricey. But for what Jerry provides it is a bargain. I highly recommend this product and as usual hope that a group of rodmakers join together to purchase one for their area. For more information contact me c/o The Planing Form or Jerry Wall 1548 Mary St. Hanford, CA 93230 Phone 559-587-9655 e-mail web site

Oh. by the way. I forgot to mention Jerry Wall is one heck of a nice guy! Tell him I sent ya.

                                                       Ron Barch Pleased Customer




Finally had a chance to give your machine a thorough workout yesterday. First, off I like the simplicity of the design, which is not to say it was easy to

make this all come together. The machine cuts exceptionally clean due to the high-speed rpms.

Also extremely easy to feed strips in and out due to the design of the hold-downs.

I’ve found for me the most efficient way to use it is to set the bottom stop for where I want to start my first strip and set the top stop for where I want to finish. Then lower bed to bottom stop and feed all 6 strips in rapid succession through the machine. Then crank the bed up 2 turns with your hand (not 2 full turns of the handle) and rapid feed the 6 strips through on the other face. Repeat until you’ve reached the final dimension. With 2 of us running the machine we ran 3 3-piece rods with 2 tips each through the machine in an hour. Very Impressive. This beveller has become the machine of choice in

                                                                my shop. George

                                                               Sweetwater Rod Co.



Subject: A fantastic beveller!!

List, for the past couple of years I have been content to remain in the shadows and attempt to glean any and all meaningful information that might find its way onto the list. For that matter, the only person out there that knows me is Chris Bogart.

That said, what am I able to contribute that might be meaningful to this group? Simply this, I recently purchased a rough-out beveller that I found to be truly incredibly easy to operate, beautifully engineered and obviously expertly conceived.

I suspect that there are others like me that don’t have the luxury of spending as much time in the pursuit of that perfect rod as they would like, and if they are interested in a tool that will speed the process along then they might be interested in checking out Jerry Walls web site

So, how do I know so much about bevellers? Simply stated, I don’t. At the same time, what I do know is that this thing is so easy to work that the first strip that I ran through it resulted in a rough cut strip that was flawless (wish I could say that was always the case with my hand planned ones). Also I happen to own another beveller made by a person whose name would be recognized by most of you, and I can tell you that Mr. Wall has hit the proverbial home run.

No I have absolutely no connection to Jerry Wall or any product that he may sell, and that is not the purpose of this post. If you are interested in this tool then check him out for yourself. As for me I will fade back into the shadows.

                                                                  Spalding White




Sorry I missed your call this morning. I guess I had stepped out to make the morning coffee.

Love the Beveller. Fast, clean and slick. Well made, well thought out, and well put together. A first class tool!

Phil and I have used it on both dry and wet strips. Terrific!

                                                                      Bob Springmeyer

Subject: Beveller

I’m a rod builder in Washington State and have recently purchased your bamboo beveller. I have used it on 4 butts and 8 tips and I am convinced that it saves me time and sweat. It is a remarkable machine. I have seen other bevellers and nothing comes close to this.

The machine is very thought out. It is very tough, very adjustable, and very easy to use and store. It’s a perfect addition to my shop. The fluting table is extremely well built and a wonderful extra.

I use a Tom Morgan hand mill, another great invention, and the beveller lends itself quite well to it. I take the cane down to a predetermined mark on the beveller and then transfer it to the hand mill for the last hundreds of an inch or so. It works great.

All of this and it’s half the price of any of its competitors.

                                                             Thanks for the beveller.

                                                                        Sid Strong



Here’s a couple of quick first impressions of the beveller. When I first inspected the machine (after spilling foam peanuts all over the garage, my clumsiness) I was impressed with both the workmanship, and overall care in construction. The instructions were both clear, and concise. Good quality diagrams!. The beveller was and is easy to setup, and adjust. Within 10 minutes it was up and running. This should be taken in light of the fact that I’m a novice rod builder. I noticed that one of my previously completed tip strips, needed to be replaced. After squaring up a piece I ran it through the machine, which probably saved me at least 45 minutes of rough beveling. I was also impressed with your customer service. We talked at length about the beveller, and you kept track of the delivery when the post office was a bit late. I feel that should I have any continued questions that they will be taken care of in your friendly, informative manner! I hope these comments relate some sense of my satisfaction with both your product, and customer service.

                                                                          Fred Muller


                                   Apologies to those customers that took the time to right

                                      And are not listed, I will rotate at future updates. JW

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