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 Block Plane Wheels

The Original Designer of this tool, John Bokstrom

Do you know that half the energy you use in planing is

wasted? That’s right—it’s wasted just holding the plane

level. I didn’t realize this until I had developed my leveler

and used it for a few hours. And though planing requires

only half the effort--the real benefit is that the plane is

always level with the planing form, and the accuracy of the splines is thus greatly improved. It is even possible to make a full pass with the hand held flat and only the heel on the handle to provide the push. This might be a show-off move but it demonstrates that you don’t waste energy holding the plane level.

                                Also, full length shavings, even from butt strips, become commonplace.


                         This right up is from "Best of the Planing Form" and I believe originally written by

                                                                                                 John Bokstrom himself.


                                                                   Price for Leveler Wheels installed on your plane

                                                                                          $125.00  Plus $10.00  Shipping


                                                                       For more information call (559) 587-9655 or



                                                                            Shop address 1548 Mary St., Hanford Ca, 93230


                                                                          The only thing I can add is a heartfelt thank you to

                                                        Mr. Bokstrom for allowing me to build his outstanding tool. JW

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